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Add a Photo Charm

Add a Photo Charm

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After purchasing please email the photo(s) to with Adding Photo in the subject line. JPG images are preferred.

1.  When choosing your photo please choose a clear good quality high resolution image; the better the photo the better the end results.

2.  The photo charm is only 9mm in size therefore photos are better with one or two people (faces close together) per image.  More than three people in the photo will make the faces very small when reproduced.

3. Photos that DO NOT work well on this product include :- Large groups of people (please choose large photo size for groups of over 3 people). Photos of one tall person next to a much smaller person or child.  Dark grainy images.  Photos of the subject on a similar color background – for example a black dog on a black background.  Photos containing text – text will generally not be readable.  Photo collages made of lot’s of images.

4. You photo may have to be cropped to take out any background etc that is not needed.

5.  If you have a special requirement or way that you would like your photo to appear on the charm then please let us know before production as it cannot be changed after.

6.  By purchasing this item it is assumed that you have read and agree to the terms of sale above.

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